Financial Training Experts

Financial Edge provides leading financial training to the world’s top 4 investment banks, advancing the skills of both professionals and academics through a range of online and in-person courses.

A Dynamic New Website

We partnered with Financial Edge to create a dynamic new eCommerce website and superior online experience that visually engages

with their audience and drives

more online sales.

Learn From Them

We brought Financial Edge's expertise to the forefront of the website, focusing on the unparalleled experience the senior team

has to distinguish Financial Edge

from its competitors. 

An Enhanced User Journey

We combined detailed product pages, impactful videos and digestible content to deliver a refreshing experience that motivates and inspires Financial Edge's audience to develop their skills.



Complex Integrations

The website integrates with the Financial Edge GO online classroom and Felix platform through single sign-on authentication, providing users with instant access to a range of online resources,

available at their fingertips. 

Future Proof

The new website delivers a robust and future

proof solution for the Financial Edge team,

accommodating their current inventory of

online courses and providing scale

for future growth. 


"Univers Labs rebuilt our primary WordPress website; inspiring a new art direction, higher-quality assets, and a faster user experience in order to better serve our audience. Since launch, we're excited to see revenue gains of over 40% against the previous period and a 15% bounce rate reduction."

Rob Smith, Marketing Manager