Finding Cloud 11

Cloud 11 is transforming cannabis culture

across America, combining the finest ingredients, traditional confectionery methods, and the latest infusion technology to create luxurious,

low-dose cannabis edibles.

An Elevated Experience

In collaboration with ico Design, we created an entirely bespoke eCommerce website for Cloud 11, bringing the artfully elaborate visual identity to life and delivering a truly elevated online experience.


We combined artistic illustrations and dynamic animations to deliver an immersive online journey that delights the senses and inspires customers

to explore Cloud 11's unique collection

of premium chocolates.



Integrated eCommerce

We developed a powerful backend eCommerce system and a custom application programming interface to ensure that the website complies

with the US cannabis regulations while

delivering a seamless shopping

experience for customers.

I.D Verification

The new website is integrated with an age verification system, providing Cloud 11 with a

quick and effective solution for verifying a user's age before allowing them to purchase their

range of cannabis products.  

Hand Delivered

Cloud 11 can manage deliveries effortlessly through the new website, while customers can track their order in real-time, receive automatic status updates, and contact their dispatcher directly.

The Sky's the Limit.

The website offers a robust and future-proof solution for Cloud 11, accommodating its existing range of cannabis edibles while providing

scale for future growth. 



"Absolutely beautiful, team! We’ve been so proud to share this work with the world. We can’t wait to really take it for a spin. THANK YOU!"

Andrew Freeman - Aperture Brands