Meaningful Change

Brunswick Real Estate is a leading real estate investment manager in the Nordics, with environmental and social sustainability placed at the core of their business. They acquire, improve, and manage properties to provide meaningful change and measured impact


In partnership with SomeOne, we created a bespoke website and advanced AI Data Art Tool to show the meaning of their work. 

Measured Impact

To reflect Brunswick's values, we developed an AI Data Art Tool, which combines the daily production of renewable energy  and air quality index for Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, into a visualisation of our world today.


AI Data

The AI Data Art Tool extracts local environmental data and blends it into a painting of people in the built environment, showcasing how data has shaped our world. These visuals can be created at any time using current data and are displayed throughout the brand and website. 


Brunswick seeks to create meaningful change, measuring their work against positive targets. We developed a website to showcase their efforts through interactive data, allowing users to truly engage with the site.