Sagmeister Feature Draw Toy Frenzy

Stefan Sagmeister features Draw Toy, starting a Drawing Frenzy

Dec 13th Design Development

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Yesterday, we were elated to have Stefan Sagmeister feature our passion project, the Nueker Draw Toy, on his Instagram.

The Nueker Draw Toy was the first official passion project we created with our long time Friends, Chris Nuelle and Josh Harker, founders of the design studio, Nueker. You can read more about why we did this project here.

An Inspiration

Stefan Sagmeister is somewhat of an Idol to us at Univers Labs, and Nueker, having first been introduced to his work through video documentaries, interviews, and his books while at college doing an Art Foundation in 2008. 

Since Univers Labs was founded in 2012 we have always had the dream to make projects for fun and for the love of the digital design craft, and not just for paid contracts. Achieving this as an independent digital agency is no small feat, over our 8 years we have found time for some passion projects, however, in October 2020 we officially started a full-time team.

Dreams Achieved 

So yesterday was a fantastic achievement, not only did we manage to fund the passion project team, and have our first project recognised and featured by Stefan Sagmeister, sweetening what had otherwise been a challenging year for everyone.

Chris and Josh of Nueker wrote to Sagmeister:

"We were stuck on what to have as a landing page on our site that didn't conform to a carousel, showreel or a staged 'point-at-post-it-note' montage of our studio. So we thought it would be cool if people could have some fun instead and send us some silly doodles. I find it strangely addictive."

Stefans thoughts:

“Chris & Josh, Yes, you are right, this is strangely addictive. Very well done!.”

Drawing Frenzy

Of course, a feature from Sagmeister has drawn more attention to the Draw Toy, sending Nueker and Univers Labs' Instagram notifications into a frenzy, hundreds of drawings submitted and Nueker's web traffic rocketing up by over 4000%.

As the drawing frenzy began while texting with Chris Nuelle and Joshua Harker, they said something we found really poignant.

“It’s just a really nice thing to imagine people having fun on your site”

Interesting Debates

There have been some interesting debates in web design and CTA's (call to actions) in the comments which is fantastic to see.

Well for Univers Labs, this is fueling our fire to keep making projects for the fun and love of our craft! We loved making the Draw Toy project with Nueker, this whole experience is what got us into creating websites and apps in the first place.

Watch this space as a new passion project is in the works and imminently awaits release!

Best Louis Eguchi & the passion project team.