The Importance of Agency Collaboration

How we Collaborate with Creative Agencies to Elevate Client Projects to the Next Level!

Jan 29th Resources

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Over the last 8 years, we've seen the scope of client projects continue to expand across brand, design, digital and experiential, with clients looking for agencies to accomplish all of these services under one roof. A challenging prospect for many agencies that traditionally only specialise in one or two of these areas.

It's no mean feat growing your studio into new fields, not to mention costly and risky if it isn't an area you're familiar with, or one you're sure will be consistently needed by your clients. 

The immense disruption that COVID-19 has created over the past 11 months has forced many companies to rapidly adapt their business models. While digital transformation has been a move that many brands have looked to take, the impact of the pandemic has accelerated this process drastically in less than a year, and we’re seeing a growing number of client briefs with a greater emphasis on digital channels. 

The Power of Agency Collaboration

As a digital agency, we’ve always been big believers in studio partnerships. We've mentioned before how collaborations have formed some of our most loved work and achieved worldwide recognition. We have over 8 years of experience working with creative agencies, from small, specialised studios, to global multi-disciplined agencies. We help our agency partners see what's possible within the digital space and elevate their projects to the next level.

A big part of successful agency collaborations comes down to building strong relationships with our creative partners. Great chemistry leads to exceptional collaboration, and we work closely with our partners to develop strong relationships with both them and their clients. We immerse ourselves in their world and the world of their clients to understand their vision and ensure we're all moving in the same direction. This attitude provides the same benefits as one team pushing forward to achieve the same goal. Still, it allows each agency to focus on their specialist areas to ensure that every element of the project is expertly delivered. 

Elevating Projects within the Digital Landscape

We're at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, empowering us to explore new possibilities with our creative partners to identify hidden opportunities and develop truly cutting-edge digital solutions that overcome their clients' unique business challenges.

"The creative process is about exploring ideas in search of a visual language that evokes the brand and the brand message. Online digital channels receive so many eyeballs for businesses, so it's perhaps the most important expression of an organisation's brand. As a digital agency, we strive to enhance the brand and design projects we collaborate on through technical guidance and experiential ideas".

Louis Eguchi - Director of Strategy

We offer our agency partners a combination of technical expertise and experiential ideas to elevate their clients' projects. Determining what software stack is most secure, flexible, and intuitive for the client to operate, while also ensuring that this software can deliver their brand’s visual expression - be it looping autoplay videos, carefully choreographed page content, or essential CRM integrations. 

We then explore experiential ideas, looking at how we can fold the user experience into a theme that matches the brand in a way beyond what is expected. Does the brand seek to be bolder, or does it need to express a sustainable vision? How can we portray the values of a brand in the digital landscape? We devote a lot of time to exploring brand routes, implementing creative ideas to show how their brand values can be brought to life online.

We believe that agency collaboration is a powerful thing and something we hope to see a lot more of in 2021! We'll continue to discuss the importance of these partnerships in our New Year, New Collab series, which will share more about how we partner with agencies, previous collaboration work, and how creative agencies can get the most out of their clients' digital projects!