Full Time Fun

Some of our best work has come from playing, mucking around and exploring.

Oct 2nd Design

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Full time Fun

We took the decision recently to start a new full time arm of Univers Labs. One that will focus solely on self initiated projects, collaborative passion projects, pro-bono R&D and experimental projects that are really cool. 

We will be looking for other creative companies that have interesting ideas to collaborate with them and bring them to life.

If you've got an idea to develop for fun or want to collaborate get in touch at passion@universlabs.co.uk.

All Work Some Play

When Univers Labs started as a proper limited company, we didn't always have paid projects to make or show.

Rather than do nothing, Nat and I made side projects to keep us busy and have something to show in new client meetings.

Over time we got busier and grew a lot, but had less and less time to play and make things we wanted: devoid of budget, or client constraints.

Univers Labs now has two offices and over 25 rad full time staff - but it's harder to take time out to mess around!

This article celebrates and looks back at all the pro-bono, passion projects and experiments we have made over time. 

Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura was a concept designed by Martin Coyne at branding agency Bond & Coyne. The Obscura uses the Instagram API and the live position of the international space station and shows photos posted on instagram directly below the position of the space station. This was an installation and website - we never got around to putting in our portfolio but we will one day!

Super Looper

Super Looper was a failed pitch, designed entirely in house - Super Looper went nuts online gaining tens of thousands of shares, social engagement and millions of sessions.
Luckily now we have full time fun we can get on and finish Super Looper 2. Play here. Read more here.

Drawing Toy

The Drawing Toy is a project we created with our pals at design agency, Nueker.  The web-based tool uses complex graphics maths (that no one will care about) to create smooth painting strokes from a random selection of sizes and colours. Frustrating but therapeutic.

Covid-19 Dashboard

The Covid-19 dashboard datapack is a live dashboard of Covid 19 worldwide data. We regularly collaborate with our pal David McCandless of Information is Beautiful and bring some of his crazy and beautiful data visualisations to life.

Who Likes Whom In the Middle East

Another collaboration with David McCandless - the real middle east or "who likes who in the middle east" uses a custom forced network diagram to illustrate and allow the user to explore the complex and ever changing relationships between the key players in the middle east.

The Stans n' Lands

Not much to say about this one, the Stans N' Lands shows oil data for any country name ending in 'Stan or 'Land. Why? who cares! Basically we wanted to do something in WebGl and here it is! Again not in our portfolio - one day we will put it on our site!


Foodle is nuts: it's a project we did with branding agency OPX for fun. It never went to the app store because we were both scared we would get sued by Deliveroo. It fully works and maybe we will get the balls one day to release it. Essentially, Foodle will deliver you a random meal based on dietary and budgetary restrictions set in the app - we hacked the Deliveroo API to be able to do this and during development we had some interesting food!


That's it - theres a few more we don't have time to dig out and put on here - but expect more now Univers Labs has started the full time fun mission.

If you are a creative director or someone with a great idea that you want to get made for free for fun - hit us up, we may well want to start a passion project with you!